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14089Re: [tracker2] Re: trouble sending messages

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  • Eric Fort
    May 3, 2012
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      On 5/2/12, Alan <alan@...> wrote:
      > I run several OT-2/Nuvi's.
      > Whenever I send anything through my nuvi. I always delete the command or
      > message within about a minute of pressing send. Whether I get an ACK or not,
      > I delete it after about a minute. It's FiFO, so any stagnate message will
      > block any other new ones. Some times it will retry many times, it can get
      > stuck in endless retries. This happens in higher fw, like 55080.
      > A good rule of thumb, delete all incoming and outgoing messages soon.
      > ,
      > Can you send a command to the T2-301? Try --Ver send.

      just got it to do that successfully, at for the longest time it didn't
      register what you were asking. now trying it again I can't get it to
      work. I can confirm that the nuvi and the t2 are talking to each
      other though. Tried to power cycle both the t2 and the nuvi - still
      no go. it did respond with the version number once though and from
      that the wiring I assume is good. part of the problem is also user
      error, knowing the expected syntax helps a lot.

      > If you don't get a reply from the T2-301, then you might need to go back to
      > an earlier version firmware. I'm not sure if t2's and ot-2's have simular
      > firmware dates, but on my OT-2's, I have found 55076 is very stable, and
      > both my Nuvi-350's and Nuvi-755T send and receive messages well with that
      > version. On some of the newer versions messaging is broken completely on my
      > nuvi-755t, and sporadic on the nuvi-350's.
      > After looking at your raw data it looks like there may be a rogue digi that
      > is not inserting it's call correctly. I know the network is weird down there
      > from my own past travels. It appears you are running a courteous single hop
      > path of WIDE2-1. I recommend you continue with a courteous single hop path,
      > but switch it to WIDE1-1.
      > If you listen to the network you will notice that it is overloaded,
      > continuous packets slamming into each other. If you check the "compress" box
      > in your otconfig, you will track better. This will cut your potential for
      > collisions in half.
      > Good luck,
      > Alan
      > --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, Eric Fort <eric.fort@...> wrote:
      >> I got my t2-301 integrated and have been having fun with it. (look at
      >> aprs.fi for af6ep-1) I am having trouble though using the attached
      >> nuvi350
      >> to send messages. I compose a message and select send and now I have 2
      >> messages sitting in the outbound que of the nuvi that have sat there
      >> unsent
      >> for 2 days. what might I be doing wrong? how are aprs messages sent and
      >> recieved?
      >> Eric
      >> AF6EP
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