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  • Matthew Cook
    May 3, 2012
      You might want to look at what some of the HAB guys in the UK are doing.  They call it SSDV.  They capture images from a CMOS camera and then transmit it via AX25 UI frames to listening ground stations.  The ground stations then relay this information onto the net for reassembly by a webserver.  That way corrupted packets can be dropped if there are multiple users.




      On Fri, May 4, 2012 at 7:26 AM, Andrew Wawrzynowicz <mechcondrid@...> wrote:

      no im not hosting a webpage or even a memory space

      i am working on a backend server that will grab the picture data that it
      transmits and stores it on the server for a webpage to grab or link to, im just trying to figure out how to direct the packet data to the server (and find a sstv camera that doesnt convert it to audio itself)

      and i was looking at the quick easy to transmit sstv modes i forget the name but its grayscale or b&w and takes 6-12 secs to transmit a frame and it would be doing this only at automatic intervals not upon request (say every 5 or so mins or longer if need be)

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