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14084Re: [tracker2] Re: trouble sending messages

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  • Eric Fort
    May 3, 2012
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      ok, so yahoo has a page that says this group exists and apparently
      hosts the listserv that runs it. I still see no means of getting to
      any files. yes there's a some text along the left margin that lists,
      posts, files, photos, links, etc. but none are clickable nor do any
      act as links. no web access is required to join this group, when I
      joined I simply sent a subscribe request to the listserv subscribe
      address and the mailing list software at yahoo added me to the list.


      On 5/3/12, Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) <ldeffenb@...> wrote:
      > This is a Yahoo group. And if you visit the group on the web, you'll
      > find the Files section. The bottom of every message says (in one form
      > or another):
      > Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32
      > On 5/3/2012 11:14 PM, Eric Fort wrote:
      >> Files section? this is an email list. is there some sort of website
      >> not related to argentdata where info is hidden and locked away?
      >> Eric
      >> On 5/3/12, seerdman<seerdman@...> wrote:
      >>> Go to the Files section of this group and take a look at the nuviv1.pdf
      >>> document. It has some helpful information about messaging to get you
      >>> started. Probably won't answer all your questions, but it's a good
      >>> place
      >>> for the first shovel blade of digging...
      >>> 73,
      >>> Steve
      >>> KF7MXS
      >>> --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, Eric Fort<eric.fort@...> wrote:
      >>>> Go ahead and email the latest build, I'm happy to test. I'm thinking
      >>>> this one may very well be inexperience and user error. I've had it
      >>>> about a week and I know it wasn't built long ago as I believe it to
      >>>> have been part of the final production run of T2-301's. Though I
      >>>> can't look right now at the exact firmware rev that's loaded it's
      >>>> gotta be fairly recent as it's whatever was loaded at production time
      >>>> (a week or 2 ago).
      >>>> Some help on initiating, recieving, and responding to aprs messages is
      >>>> probably helpful though.
      >>>> on the nuvi one navigates to the messaging screen which gives inbox,
      >>>> outbox, and compose options. I select compose, after which a single
      >>>> box in which text can be entered appears. there is mo place to enter
      >>>> a to, from, or subject field.... I just enter some text and press
      >>>> send. am I doing this right? how are messages addressed to be sent
      >>>> to specific places? how are messages sent to everyone as a qst or a
      >>>> general message to all within digipeater range? how is aprs messaging
      >>>> (via the nuvi and T2) done? anyone care to point me to a short
      >>>> tutorial (or help write one)?
      >>>> Eric
      >>>> On 5/2/12, Scott Miller<scott@...> wrote:
      >>>>>> simular firmware dates, but on my OT-2's, I have found 55076 is very
      >>>>>> stable, and both my Nuvi-350's and Nuvi-755T send and receive
      >>>>>> messages
      >>>>>> well with that version. On some of the newer versions messaging is
      >>>>>> broken completely on my nuvi-755t, and sporadic on the nuvi-350's.
      >>>>> When I was doing the T3 port, I found some head-scratchers in the FMI
      >>>>> code ("Why did I do this, and how has it been working?") that I think
      >>>>> I've got fixed. I've done testing on the T3 but not so much on the T2
      >>>>> yet. Buffer sizes are different between the versions, IIRC. If
      >>>>> you've
      >>>>> got a consistent failure, I can email you the latest build off-list
      >>>>> for
      >>>>> testing.
      >>>>> Scott
      >> ------------------------------------
      >> Yahoo! Groups Links
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