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  • James Ewen
    May 2 5:22 PM
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      On Wed, May 2, 2012 at 2:04 PM, Andrew Wawrzynowicz
      <mechcondrid@...> wrote:

      > ok is there a better way to do a camera on the station (i.e. something
      > like this) where it takes a picture and makes an image file that is static
      > until it updates like say every 3-5 mins

      Are you planning on serving webpages on RF? You do know that you can't
      create a static image on RF that sits there for people to look at,
      right? If you save the image locally, remote users would need some
      manner of requesting the image be sent to them from your station.
      That's also not good for the channel having people requesting a long
      transmission when an automated one may have just finished, but they
      missed it due to not being tuned into the channel.

      It would probably be best to do this type of thing off of the 144.390
      channel as SSTV pictures can take a fair amount of airtime to deliver.
      You could send APRS weather packets and then an SSTV image out over
      the air on the dedicated frequency. Users tuning to the frequency
      would need to have a station capable of decoding and displaying APRS
      data, and also of decoding and displaying SSTV signals from the same

      A user wanting to see the weather at your station would need to tune
      to the frequency and wait for the next "weather report". Personally I
      would just look out the window and get an instant weather report, but
      then that's me, low tech and impatient. I'm not all that interested in
      a 2 degree temperature difference and a slightly different perspective
      on the clouds floating by from a station a mile or two away..

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