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14054Re: [tracker2] Embedded hardware for Tracker2 iGate

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  • Scott Miller
    Apr 30, 2012
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      > Scott if you get a second stab at the T3-301 TNC PCB having a header or
      > some SMD resistors we could move to get TTL serial out of it in
      > preferance to RS232 and kill the power to the RS232 chip would be *very*
      > useful for the future :)

      The MCU on the T3 already puts out TTL levels - you could pull the
      MAX202 chip and solder to the pads, though they're still pretty tiny.

      I have a partially-finished SMT module design for the OTUSB that I need
      to get back to. It's bigger than the OT1+ SMT but has its own USB
      connector, which will make it way easier to set up.

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