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  • redneckmike586@sbcglobal.net
    Apr 23, 2012
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      Hey James can you send me your email and i will send you the config file. my email is wd5mhz@...
      Also i should have been clear on the group email i dont want the digi to send email i had the settings for the group web only instead of send email so i didnt think anyone responded to the post lol sorry

      Mike Henry

      --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, James Ewen <ve6srv@...> wrote:
      > On Sun, Apr 22, 2012 at 4:50 PM, redneckmike586@...
      > <kd5vxq@...> wrote:
      > >  I just read this i thought i had it set up to send email
      > To have the digipeater send email messages, you would need to have a
      > script configured that initiates the message. If however you are
      > talking about having the digipeater respond to remote commands sent by
      > APRS messages, that would require having authorized remote operator
      > callsigns assigned in the AUTH list.
      > > anyways on the script how do i put this in the T2 do i copy and paste
      > > to the Script editor or how do i do this? I have never done a script like this one.
      > You'll need to enter the script into the script editor manually when
      > on site. You can't just cut and paste the script into the editor. You
      > have to go into the script editor, and click on the "On Second" button
      > to get the first line to enter into the script window. Then you need
      > to select "Counter 1" in "A" then press the "Increment A" button to
      > get the second line. Then you'll need to enter "1800" into "C" and
      > then press the "IF A = C" button to get the third line.
      > You should be getting the idea... it's a little weird when you first
      > get into using this script editor, but if you have any assembly
      > language experience, it's kind of reminds you of that... You have to
      > set your variables up, and then call the operation.
      > >  On Second
      > >>   Increment Counter 1
      > >>   If Counter 1 = 1800
      > >>     Exec "BEA ;442.425+R*111111z3458.72N/09419.35WrT136 R40m WD5MHZ"
      > >>     Set Counter 1 = 0
      > >>   End Block
      > >> End Block
      > Scott has a utility to dump the script as patch commands, but I have
      > not been successful at patching a new script into the remote unit. I'm
      > a little leery of trying to do so because of the ease of screwing up
      > much more than just the scripts. The patch commands that Scott creates
      > are too long to send as APRS messages, so I had to cut each line into
      > two pieces, inserting new addresses as well. I sent all of that to my
      > remote unit, and didn't get any joy.
      > If the patch utility made shorter lines, and then when you sent a
      > patch command to a remote unit, if it responded that it got the patch
      > command successfully, I would be much less apprehensive about using
      > the patch. Making the patch lines shorter, and adding a CRC checksum
      > as the last value per line would allow the remote unit to check to see
      > if the patch command arrived intact, and be able to send back a
      > confirmation response letting you know that the command was received
      > successfully.
      > I do some fairly extensive scripting on my digipeaters, and when I
      > screw up my scripts, or want to make a change, I end up having to
      > drive back out to the digipeater. I have digipeaters that are up to 5
      > hours away now, so it's really a pain to have to return to the site to
      > fix a script up. I can make just about every other change to the
      > digipeater remotely, scripting and profile switching settings remain a
      > road trip item for me.
      > If you send me the config that you have saved from WD5MHZ-2 I can load
      > it up here and have a look at it to see what you have setup for
      > AUTHLIST and scripting currently. I think your AUTHLIST is empty...
      > --
      > James
      > VE6SRV
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