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1377Re: More KISS mode follies

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  • Ian ZL1VFO
    Dec 12, 2006
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      > Posted by: "Stephen Brown Jr" stephen.brown75@... sbrown6079
      > Date: Mon Dec 11, 2006 5:01 am ((PST))

      > I'll give that stuff a shot, thanks for the suggestions guys. One thing
      > though, I am using a serial cable and a null modem adapter from the local
      > Radio Shack, can I assume that is how it is wired? I'll put an ohmmeter on
      > it today to be sure, but I thought maybe someone else might be using that
      > already with KISS.

      Mmm, probably not. A commercial serial lead is likely to have all 9
      wires wired straight-through (pin1 to pin1, pin2 to pin2, etc), and a
      null modem adapter is likely to be crossed over to it's other side, not
      looped back to itself. It would be best to check with a meter, thou'.

      Maybe it might be easier just to build yourself a serial lead wired up
      the way you want it, instead of having to rely on a commercial one
      being wired up the right way. It's only a couple of sockets with a bit
      of shielded wire in between - I made one up with balanced audio cable
      as that's what I had to hand at the time. That way you can connect the
      socket for the PC end up with it's own local loopback.

      > I also checked my build yesterday, nothing is out of place with the
      > exception of the crystal, I mounted it vertically instead of horizontally to
      > the board, it hasn't caused any issues so far however.

      > 73's
      > Stephen
      > N1VLV

      <remainder snipped>

      -Ian ZL1VFO

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