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1375Proposed feature

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  • Scott Miller
    Dec 11, 2006
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      I'm thinking of adding a new digipeater feature - this is something I think
      I mentioned before, but I've got a better idea now of how I want to do it.

      The ASSIST command would specify callsigns that'd be digipeated based on
      source call. The primary purpose for this is to use your mobile as a
      gateway for a handheld - every packet you transmit, regardless of path,
      would be digipeated. Also, every incoming APRS message directed to a
      callsign on the list would be digipeated, to allow two-way communication
      when your only contact is through the mobile.

      It'd use the standard dupe checking algorithm, so I don't think it'd have a
      problem with routing loops. I think it'd have to only take effect if the
      packet hasn't been digipeated by a regular digipeater, though.

      Comments? The main obstacle to implementing this right now is the amount of
      config space needed for the list.

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