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13704Re: [tracker2] Digi Question

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  • Keith VE7GDH
    Mar 11 9:28 PM
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      James VE6SRV wrote...

      > I fully agree with Keith's statements up until now)

      Maybe I should quit while I'm ahead!

      > You're swimming upstream here! When you see an object
      > with a frequency in it, it is immediately recognizable as
      > repeater object. There aren't many assigned callsigns that
      > are all numbers.

      Perhaps, and I agree that to a human, a bunch of numbers will look
      like a frequency... but someone with a D72 (and (I assume a D710
      but can only guess about a TM-350R) can NOT hit the tune / QSY
      button to automatically go to that frequency with the correct
      offset and tone entered for them. It was only after I had the use
      of the D72 that I was able to play around with a few things and
      see if they worked or not. With the frequency as the name of
      the object, I was left with a bunch of manual work to dial in a
      frequency, tone and offset... not all radios do the offset
      automatically. I can certainly do that, and hopefully most hams
      can, but I do know that have trouble even going from memory to
      VFO mode. When all they have to is hit a "tune" button, it's quick
      and exact. Admittedly, only three radios are capable of this right
      now, but for those that have them, it adds a whole level of

      > You've been hitting the beer early today! KA5MGL is another
      > station entirely...

      Oh well, as long as Mike knows the callsign to enter in the
      repeater object!

      > You're going to have to fight the masses then. I like the
      > frequency in the object name where it is highly visible, and
      > very unlikely to be mistaken for anything else. If you were
      > local here in Edmonton, and I told you to meet me on the
      > VE6HM repeater, the first question out of your mouth would
      > be "What's the frequency?"

      Not if there was already a repeater object advertising its
      frequency, tone, offset and callsign. Of course, there's always
      the possibility that I wouldn't want to talk to any hams in

      > Why go that extra step? Why not just say "Hey Keith, meet me on
      > 444.100 MHz.". There's no mistaking that I want to meet up with
      > you on the UHF side of that repeater, not the VHF side (which
      > uses the same callsign).

      Yes, frequencies work for me on voice. If I was yakking with
      someone else with a D72, D710 or an FM-350R, they could QSY
      as many times as they wanted to and I could press a button or two
      and join them with no confusion.

      > The frequency is the key component of getting communicating.
      > The callsign is irrelevant, it is only required for government
      > identification purposes.

      I take pride in knowing the callsign of local repeaters and
      referring to them by callsign. Sure, the government likes us to
      identify too, but I take pride in my callsign as well as well as
      what is around me. If I'm trying to get a visitor over to a
      particular repeater, I'll give them the frequency AND the

      The only reason I raised the subject of object names for repeaters
      is that I've had a chance to play around with a D72 and seen why
      the recommended settings just did NOT work.

      > You could jump back one more step... why not use the location
      > name for the object? EDMNTN-1 would work (since we're using
      > EDMNTN as the digipeater alias). But then which Edmonton
      > repeater are you talking about? That adds even more ambiguity
      > to the mix as there are a dozen or so repeaters to choose from.

      You can name it what you want, but I would recommend the callsign
      followed by -R and I would recommend entering the frequency as
      e.g. "147.320MHz" so people with the mentioned radios can just hit
      the tune / QSY button to go there. The tone and offset information
      follows the frequency. There's nothing to stop you from naming the
      object the same as the frequency to keep you happy and still
      having the frequency in the proper format in the comment for the
      benefit of the growing number of D72 / D710 / FTM-350R users.

      > Indeed, but this isn't really the forum for hashing out proposed
      > changes to an established protocol...

      I'll type up a note for the APRS SIG sometime. My suggests are
      based on what DOES work in a D72. I can only assume that the D710
      will be exactly the same. I'm making more of an assumption about
      the Yaesu, but perhaps someone can comment about that over on the
      APRS SIG. I was perfectly happy with the recommended settings for
      repeater objects until I found out they didn't work on a D72.

      73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
      "I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"
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