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13700Re: [tracker2] Digi Question

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  • Keith VE7GDH
    Mar 11, 2012
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      James VE6SRV wrote...

      > C'mon Keith... you're being nasty now... he only asked about the
      > digipeat aliases... 8)

      No, I'm not being nasty. I'm making an observation about a path
      being used by a digipeater. Yes, this is the T2 list, but not
      everyone is on every APRS list out there. I believe that using a
      non-abusive path is important enough to mention it on this list,
      even if you think I'm being nasty.

      > 3 hops is a little on the long side for sure.
      :;442.425-R*030027z3458.72N/09419.35Wm442.425 +

      I completely missed that it was a repeater object, but had I
      noticed it, I would have been nasty about that one too. 8-)

      I don't have a D72, but I have had the use of a club-owned one for
      the last week and a half. Having had a chance to play around with
      it, I would actually disagree with the "voice repeater spec". I
      believe it is wrong to use the frequency for the name of the
      object. I would instead use the callsign of the repeater followed
      by -R to indicate at a glance at the station list that it's a
      repeater. Going on and using the "tune" button, it is imperative
      that the frequency is followed by MHz... e.g. 442.425MHz (case
      sensitive) followed by T136 for the tone and + for the offset, so
      my recommendation would be KA5MGL-R for the name of the
      object. I've played with repeater objects generated by a KPC3+,
      beacons from UI-View, from a script running on an IRLP node
      (local club meeting announcements) and an APRS IRLP status
      object, and my conclusion was the same in every case. I felt it
      was actually better to have the callsign for the object name
      instead of the frequency, or of course in the case of an IRLP
      node, IRLP-xxxx with the node number highly visible in the
      station list.

      Yes, I should be saying this over on the APRS SIG, but there
      are lots of T2s out there being used for digipeaters, so this
      should be useful information for those adding repeater objects.

      73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
      "I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"
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