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13688Re: [tracker2] Re: T2-301 otwincfg.exe comm problem

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  • Scott Miller
    Mar 8, 2012
      The communications error message means that otwincfg didn't get the
      expected response from the tracker. This might be because the tracker
      isn't hearing the PC. On the OT1+ this might mean a blown MOSFET on the
      RX line, or possibly bad cabling. A cold boot (powering up the tracker
      after you hit 'connect') is always the most reliable way to get the
      tracker into config mode. Note that this doesn't apply to the USB
      trackers since they don't connect over USB until after they've started up.

      The "can't open serial port" message is probably a side-effect of
      otwincfg getting confused during the connect process and not properly
      closing the port. At that point you should close the program and check
      task manager to make sure that it's really gone, and start it again.


      On 3/7/2012 10:33 AM, yulik4x6hp wrote:
      > Hello,
      > I got same message, "Communications Error (BL Ver 00)" with OpenTracker+.
      > Did you solved this problem?
      > 73!! de Yuli 4X6HP
      > > When I cycle the power to the T2-301, otwincfg pops up an error
      > message saying "Communications Error (BL Ver c4)" which is followed a
      > few seconds later by another pop up error message "Can't Open Serial
      > Port" and if I just leave it alone, it keeps opening more "Can't Open
      > Serial Port" boxes every several seconds until I eventually close each
      > of the error messages and then click Cancel in otwincfg.
      > >
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