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13668T2-301 otwincfg.exe comm problem

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  • TomC
    Feb 28, 2012
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      I'm trying to get otwincfg to talk with a T2-301 on my Win7 computer.

      Of course that means the first headache was getting a USB to Serial adapter to work -- I finally got a set of drivers that Windows THINKS are working, but...

      When I connect the T2-301 and try to run otwincfg, things just don't work.

      I thought it might be a baud rate mismatch since the USB-serial driver defaults to 9600 while the manual says otwincfg tries to connect at 115,200 so first I tried manually setting the USB serial driver to 115,200 but that didn't help.

      Next I tried checking the Disable Turbo box to make otwincfg try connecting at 19,200 and I manually set the USB Serial driver to 19,200. That at least got things to look like it wanted to work, but...

      When I run otwincfg and select the correct port (COM3) the click the Connect button, a line appears in the bottom of the window that says "Ready to connect. Please reset tracker now." Of course there is nothing about this message in the manual, but the manual does say that otwincfg will attempt to Warm Boot the tracker and that you can perform a "ecold bootf ] power the unit off and power it on again after clicking eConnectf."

      When I cycle the power to the T2-301, otwincfg pops up an error message saying "Communications Error (BL Ver c4)" which is followed a few seconds later by another pop up error message "Can't Open Serial Port" and if I just leave it alone, it keeps opening more "Can't Open Serial Port" boxes every several seconds until I eventually close each of the error messages and then click Cancel in otwincfg.
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