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1363RE: [tracker2] Firmware update

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  • Larry Simon
    Dec 10, 2006
      I would call that being cautious and prevention. Paranoid is a person with a router, 3 firewalls and 4 antivirus suites. Then turn around and complain that the computer runs slow...
      Larry Simon

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      I'm not saying it's likely to happen.  You have to remember that I spent a good portion of a decade working on a military base, involved in network security.  I probably have a slightly paranoid mindset about this stuff.  Whenever I code anything like this, I always think about how it might be abused.
      Granted, there aren't many script kiddies out there trying to trash amateur networks, but you do get some real jerks from time to time.  The FCC enforcement letters provide ample evidence of that.

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