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13590Re: OT3m with Nuvi 350

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  • Mads
    Feb 2, 2012
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      Just a little update. As some of you suggested that the PX-777 might cause the problem I replaced it with an old Motorola MC Micro. Here's the result:

      Nuvi 350 + OT3m + PX-777 = Not decoding packets
      Nuvi 350 + OT2m + PX-777 = Working fine!

      Nuvi 350 + OT3m + Motorola MC Micro = Not decoding packets
      Nuvi 350 + OT2m + Motorola MC Micro = Working fine!

      On the PX-777 I've tried squelch off and Software DCD on and squelch on (lvl 1) and software DCD off.

      Any more suggestions? I can post the DISPLAY text if needed.

      73! Mads, LA1TPA

      --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, "Mads" <la1tpa.qrp@...> wrote:
      > Hello all
      > It seems like my two brand new OT3m's won't decode packets.
      > I have a Puxing PX-777 and a Garmin Nuvi 350 connected to the tracker. I can send packets successfully but not receive any!
      > When I replace the OT3m with my old OT2m everything works fine. Please help!
      > 73! Mads, LA1TPA
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