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1355RE: [tracker2] Firmware update

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  • Scott Miller
    Dec 9, 2006
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      I just made a slight tweak - the NICE command now only takes effect if the digipeated packet is heard within 5 seconds of a timed transmission.  This might keep you from doing some clever things like setting up two trackers in a failover configuration (as long as they both have the same callsign they'll think the other one is a digi echo), but I think it generally makes more sense and prevents someone else from knocking your transmit rate down by spoofing a packet.

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      Subject: [tracker2] Firmware update

      I've posted a new build (54076), but it's not on the Yahoo group file
      section yet. Changes in this version:

      "POSITION *" now saves the current GPS position to flash and switches to
      fixed position mode.

      AUTOSAVE on|off sets the position autosave option. When this option is
      enabled, the last position is stored to flash if GPS fix is lost and the
      unit switches to fixed position mode. It switches back to GPS mode as soon
      as a new fix is available.

      Custom symbols have been added for balloon, eyeball, TCP/IP, and Xastir.
      I'll upload the new images soon.

      NICE <0-255> specifies the number of timed transmissions to skip when the
      unit hears its own position from a digipeater. For example, setting
      INTERVAL 60 and NICE 4 will result in a transmission interval of 5 minutes
      if a digipeated packet is heard, and 1 minute if it isn't.


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