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13440Re: [tracker2] Re: Digipeating Issues

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  • James Ewen
    Jan 8, 2012
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      On Sun, Jan 8, 2012 at 4:51 PM, qp2trz <qp2trz@...> wrote:

      > I added an alias to the end of the path settings of my portable and
      > added that alias to the tracker 2s alias list.
      > I then enabled that alias in the digi's alias menu and tadah.

      If by tadah, you mean you are getting digipeated by the car, then you
      obviously have preemption turned on.

      > I now wonder if I am at the mercy of the car's digipeater or will
      > conventional digis still accept the path as WIDE 1-1, WIDE 2-1, ALIAS
      > when in range.

      If you are preempting on ALIAS in the OT2, then you won't get
      digipeated by the conventional digipeaters as the conventional
      digipeater aliases are before the preempted digipeat alias.

      Digipeater aliases are used in the order they are found in the list.
      Digipeaters don't pick and choose randomly (the closest is preemption
      which can scan down the list skipping some aliases), they work in
      sequential order.

      Think of it like a list of places your wife is sending you to. When
      she says go to the store, the gas station, and then the dry cleaner's,
      you don't get to choose which one is closest. You HAVE to go to them
      in that order. No ifs, ands, or buts...

      With preemption (which is only supported by very few digipeaters), it
      will look down the list and find the first entry that matches the
      preemption alias. It will then mark all previous aliases as used up
      (it has to, that's the way AX.25 works). Using the shopping list
      scenario above, it would be like you stopped at the dry cleaner's and
      then went home. The wife wouldn't be too pleased with you.

      > I heard a second acknowledgement only once during the test. My locations
      > of the test were far enough away that a five watt portable would not hit the towers directly.

      That second acknowledgement was probably from a main digipeater
      somewhere that DID hear you. If you are using preemptive digipeating,
      none of the other digipeaters will respond once the ALIAS digipeater
      acts upon the packet.

      Don't guess at this stuff, LOOK at the packets you are sending around,
      and see what happens to them as they are handled.

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