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13439Re: Digipeating Issues

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  • qp2trz
    Jan 8, 2012
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      My thanks to everyone who replied to my post.

      I added an alias to the end of the path settings of my portable and added that alias to the tracker 2s alias list.
      I then enabled that alias in the digi's alias menu and tadah.
      I now wonder if I am at the mercy of the car's digipeater or will conventional digis still accept the path as WIDE 1-1, WIDE 2-1, ALIAS when in range.
      I heard a second acknowledgement only once during the test. My locations of the test were far enough away that a five watt portable would not hit the towers directly.

      Once again my thanks to Keith, James and Matthias.

      I love learning stuff.

      Joey VA3GOC
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