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13428Digipeating Issues

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  • qp2trz
    Jan 6, 2012
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      Greetings Everyone.

      I notice I have the same issues with my Tracker 2 as far as digipeating is concerned; I have followed closely message 13253 and its conversation.
      I have done everything Keith suggested and it still does not digipeat my YAESU.

      Perhaps a little background...

      My first step is to have my Tracker 2 located in my car digipeat my YAESU portable and nobody else (strictly during testing) whilst I am walking my poochies on the Trans-Canada Trail.

      I figure the first step is to have the car digipeat my portable only.

      My portable is hit and miss to the towers direct and I wish to have a better relay to the towers via my car's digipeater.

      I confirm my car receives my portable.
      I confirm my portable receives my car.
      I confirm the towers receive my car.

      I have a terminal program running at the car and confirm the car is decoding the portable.
      The portable decodes the car and the odd tower fine.

      The car's call is VA3GOC-1, the portable's call is VA3GOC.

      The portable's path is WIDE1-1, WIDE2-1
      The car's path (now) is the same.
      I did have it set to Keith's suggestion (WIDE2-1) with no luck.

      I noticed in the User's manual a text command 'DIGI on/off'. I have not set that command but I do have the digipeater enabled using the configuration software.

      Is there a special alias I must use or something with the car's configuration in the Digi menu?

      I test the WIDE2-1 setting at work still with no digipeat of my portable. The car hits the towers fine. The portable is hit and miss to the towers.

      Best Wishes and thank you for any and all help.

      Joey, VA3GOC
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