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13400tracker2 working but not igate

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  • Robert Lane
    Jan 1, 2012
      This question is not totally related to the Tracker2 but it is a piece of the puzzle.  I recently bought a VX8GR  (KB8ZXE-7) and have been testing it out.  I made a trip to the Ironwood Michigan area to visit family and brought the VX8 along.  For some reason the iGate in Ironwood (AB8ZJ) won't pick my VX8 up directly.  It will however gate traffic from my radio to the internet if and only if it goes through another digi first.  There is a digi in Wakefield a few miles away (KB8ZXE-1) and the Ironwood iGate will pass traffic all day long to the internet from my VX8 as long as it goes through the Wakefield digi first.  The Wakefield digi is an OpenTrcker2 running as a fill-in digi. 

      In fact I was at my buddies apartment in Ironwood on his roof looking at an antenna install.  I manually sent several position packets and the only one that got gated to the internet went through (WALES) Wales MN some 90 miles away and then back to the Ironwood iGate. 

      So from the sounds of it my VX8GR is working fine.  AB8ZJ appears to be working fine for other mobiles and fixed stations.  I was picking up the other stations digipeated packets from AB8ZJ as well.  What is keeping AB8ZJ from dumping my packets to the internet.  I believe he is running UIview32 as a digi and an Igate.  I should have tried changing the path on my HT but I was running WIDE1-1 (only).  This really cut down on the APRS coverage for me in a big way and I would like to come up with a solution

      This might be a lot to swallow but please read it over and message me if you have any ideas.  I leave town tomorrow so I probably won't have time to test anything.

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