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13398Re: [tracker2] Opentracker2, KISS, and AGWPE

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  • Scott Miller
    Jan 1, 2012
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      Hi Ian,

      Check the end of the manual for instructions on setting up UI-View -
      most of the same will apply. The important ones are ABAUD (I use 9600
      usually) and AMODE KISS. Make sure AGWPE is *not* set to send any
      start-up commands or the exit-KISS sequence.


      On 12/31/2011 8:33 PM, zl1vfo wrote:
      > I have a couple of questions on how to get an Opentracker2 and AGWPE to
      > talk to each other in KISS mode.
      > Unfortunately AGWPE doesn't have either the OT2 or the OTUSB in the drop
      > down list of supported TNCs, leaving me to experiment.
      > I started from a known point, loading in the latest build 55863, and
      > setting the TVLEVEL so I had 3.5kHz deviation on the high tone, and the
      > default serial speed of 4800.
      > I presume something like the following should do it -:
      > SWDCD ON
      > ABAUD KISS
      > The issue is that not all times do I seem to get anything on the
      > AGW-Monitor screen, and I'm trying to work out if I have a command
      > wrong, or AGW didn't send out what I expected, or something else if
      > going on.
      > Haven't worked out a pattern yet...
      > Would it help if I were to set ABAUD 4800 & AUTOBAUD OFF ?
      > Also, would it be possible to add some firmware code to (say) flash the
      > bi-colour LED red/green/off 3 times upon receiving the AMODE KISS (or
      > BMODE KISS for that matter), and perhaps again flash it again once when
      > exiting KISS mode? It would help with diagnostics as to why I am having
      > difficulty getting AGWPE to work with the T2.
      > One thing I note is that the manual is a bit over 2 years since it's
      > last revision -
      > <https://www.argentdata.com/support/tracker2_manual.pdf>
      > Has anything been added to the firmware that ought to be in the manual?
      > (Like a new command or something)
      > 73,
      > Ian ZL1VFO
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