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13396Re: Opentracker2, KISS, and AGWPE

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  • w9hdg
    Jan 1, 2012
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      I select TNC2 in the list of TNC's and then I clear out the three Kiss Commands and put AMODE KISS in the first (top) box.

      Works great!

      --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, "zl1vfo" <zl1vfo@...> wrote:
      > I have a couple of questions on how to get an Opentracker2 and AGWPE to talk to each other in KISS mode.
      > Unfortunately AGWPE doesn't have either the OT2 or the OTUSB in the drop down list of supported TNCs, leaving me to experiment.
      > I started from a known point, loading in the latest build 55863, and setting the TVLEVEL so I had 3.5kHz deviation on the high tone, and the default serial speed of 4800.
      > I presume something like the following should do it -:
      > SWDCD ON
      > ABAUD KISS
      > The issue is that not all times do I seem to get anything on the AGW-Monitor screen, and I'm trying to work out if I have a command wrong, or AGW didn't send out what I expected, or something else if going on.
      > Haven't worked out a pattern yet...
      > Would it help if I were to set ABAUD 4800 & AUTOBAUD OFF ?
      > Also, would it be possible to add some firmware code to (say) flash the bi-colour LED red/green/off 3 times upon receiving the AMODE KISS (or BMODE KISS for that matter), and perhaps again flash it again once when exiting KISS mode? It would help with diagnostics as to why I am having difficulty getting AGWPE to work with the T2.
      > One thing I note is that the manual is a bit over 2 years since it's last revision -
      > <https://www.argentdata.com/support/tracker2_manual.pdf>
      > Has anything been added to the firmware that ought to be in the manual? (Like a new command or something)
      > 73,
      > Ian ZL1VFO
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