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13352Re: [tracker2] Re: Not transmitting while moving

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  • Marcel S
    Dec 14, 2011
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      You may find the digi coverage maps on aprs.fi quite useful to debug good
      coverage zones as well. Note that these maps a based on the number of
      packets received in an area and not necessarily the quality of signals from
      there. See example at: http://aprs.fi/heard/a/N6EX-1

      (You'll want to use SPLAT! for actual propagation mapping. Or visit the
      KE5QHX site: http://k5ehx.net/repeaters/qrepeater.php)


      -Marcel AI6MS

      On Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 10:14 AM, francois.rogez <ffdef@...> wrote:

      > **
      > Thanks Scott, I will look into that for a future antenna
      > Here is an update, and maybe an end to this topic:
      > After spending more time looking at the aprs.fi data and map, I believe
      > that the current performance of my setup (GPS, T2-301, antenna) is quite
      > good: I can hit repeaters several tens of miles away when the topography is
      > favorable (and, I guess, when those repeaters are not already busy dealing
      > with some other packets that I can't hear).
      > It looks like my mistake was to think that the area where I live ought to
      > have good coverage from the nearby high-altitude digi's. In fact, there is
      > clearly a shadowed area at the base of the mountain where the coverage
      > varies within short distances.
      > This statement is based on 2 things:
      > - looking at those packets that made it to aprs.fi and what stations
      > heard me directly
      > - driving around with a laptop announcing the callsign of the digi's being
      > heard directly
      > I would like to refine this into more systematic coverage maps:
      > 1 - a map showing where I send a packet from, and whether I hear it echoed
      > back
      > 2 - a map showing the locations where I received any packets from each digi
      > For (1) I would need a way to detect when the t2-301 decided to send a
      > packet
      > For (1) and (2) I would need a way to get a GPS position, and a way to log
      > all the time (a laptop is not a good long-term solution). Probably
      > something with a micro-controller and flash memory card.
      > I will start a new topic when/if I seriously get started with this idea.
      > Thanks to all that helped rule out issue with the radio/TNC/GPS.
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