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1326Re: [tracker2] Using OT2 in KISS mode

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  • Lance Cotton
    Dec 7, 2006
      Stephen Brown Jr wrote:
      > I'm still fighting this and not having much luck :( I am up to date on
      > all the firmware, and I am using config 2 in KISS mode. I have amode set
      > to KISS, and abaud set to 9600. I have the ax25 module loaded, and ran
      > kissattach successfully. Running listen from the CLI yields nothing,
      > yet if I open up minicom and shoot a packet from my TH-D7, I do see
      > garbage, so I'm assuming something is there. I swear there has got to be
      > some small overlooked thing I have not found yet.....
      > Ideas and suggestions appreciated!

      Again, just guessing, but I would check to see if the rest of the
      modules are loaded. I think you would need: crc_ccitt, ax25, and mkiss.
      For your 2.4.33 kernel, obviously ax25 is already there.

      I would think that you'd get an error if you ran kissattach without the
      mkiss module loaded, but perhaps it doesn't. Look through
      /var/log/messages when you run kissattach to see if any errors show up

      I've set up ax25/kiss networking with KPC-3+, Elcom's mUSB-TNT, and
      TNC-X, on both SuSE 9 and Ubuntu 6.06, but it's been so long ago now
      that I may have forgotten any troubles I ran into.

      I have had a lot of luck scanning through /var/log/messages for clues
      about kernel modules loading (especially for the BP-96 modem from Baycom)

      -Lance KJ5O

      J. Lance Cotton, KJ5O
      Three Step Plan: 1. Take over the world. 2. Get a lot of cookies. 3. Eat
      the cookies.
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