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1322Re: [tracker2] Using OT2 in KISS mode

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  • Stephen Brown Jr
    Dec 6, 2006
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      I'm still fighting this and not having much luck :( I am up to date on all the firmware, and I am using config 2 in KISS mode. I have amode set to KISS, and abaud set to 9600. I have the ax25 module loaded, and ran kissattach successfully.  Running listen from the CLI yields nothing, yet if I open up minicom and shoot a packet from my TH-D7, I do see garbage, so I'm assuming something is there. I swear there has got to be some small overlooked thing I have not found yet.....

      Ideas and suggestions appreciated!


      On 12/6/06, Scott Miller <scott@... > wrote:

      No, KISS will work at any baud rate now.  You just need to make sure you set it.  If you're running the new firmware, set AMODE KISS and ABAUD 9600 to run KISS at 9600 on the primary port.

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      on 12/6/2006 9:39 AM Stephen Brown Jr said the following:
      > Here is my /etc/ax25/axports:
      > n1vlv-debian:~# cat /etc/ax25/axports
      > # /etc/ax25/axports
      > #
      > # The format of this file is:
      > #
      > # name callsign speed paclen window description
      > #
      > 1 N1VLV-8 9600 255 2 145.010 MHz (1200 bps)

      I think I recall something about KISS mode on the T2 running only at 4800
      bps, so you probably should have something like:

      1 N1VLV-8 4800 255 2 145.010 MHz (1200 bps)

      J. Lance Cotton, KJ5O
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