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13106OpenTracker+ -- Modify or discontinue?

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  • Scott Miller
    Nov 2, 2011
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      As I'm sure many of you have heard, discontinuation of the ESD-protected
      MOSFETs used on the OpenTracker+ have required changes to the board.
      I'm not happy with the substitute we're using now, and I'll probably
      have to change the board again.

      Using the parts I want to use would mean going with surface mount
      packages for those two transistors. I wanted to see how folks felt
      about that possibility.

      The other option is to just discontinue the OT1+ entirely. The only
      reason I've kept it around since the introduction of the OTUSB has been
      to offer a through-hole kit for those who want to build the board
      themselves. This is a much smaller portion of our sales than in the old
      days - it's been a long time since we routinely shipped 10-packs of kits
      for club builds. I still want to support the kit builders if I can, but
      it's a constant fight against component obsolescence.

      In any case, we won't be offering the assembled OT1+ any more - the
      OTUSB does everything the OT1+ does and a lot more, and requires less
      assembly labor.