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13071Re: [tracker2] Dropping WIDE3-n (and above) from a WIDE2-2 digi

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  • Rob
    Oct 21, 2011
      On 21/10/11 09:22, James Ewen wrote:  

      On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 4:11 PM, Rob <vk6ufo@...> wrote:

      > As above, an alias of "WIDE" and hops set to "2". An incoming "WIDE3-3" for example
      > will go back out as a "WIDE3*" Similar with my current fill-in. I have an alias of "WIDE"
      > and hops set to "1". An incoming "WIDE2-2" gets digipeated as "WIDE2*"

      What firmware version are you running? I haven't seen that action.

      The current one that the GUI downloads. Just to be sure I confirmed this morning that my fill-in was definitely digipeating incoming WIDE2-2 and WIDE2-1 as WIDE2*. After changing the alias "WIDE" with hops "1" to alias "WIDE1" with hops "0", it would only digipeat on incoming WIDE1-1 and no other WIDE.

      Some feel that these paths over the hop limit should be given a single
      hop as a courtesy, rather than totally ignoring the packet.

      Yes. It probably depends on the location and amount of traffic. We have low traffic compared to other cities in Australia and very low compared to US and Eu cities so it probably doesn't matter much right now.

      No, we've been around that bush a few times. The firmware checks the
      SSID numeric value only, that's the N portion of the WIDEn-N hop
      request. With a HOP limit of 2, WIDE3-3 won't get acted upon,

      But it apparently does act, which is the point. The operator should have the option to not act if they require it and it's not evident in the GUI. As a fill-in I would like mine to create as little disturbance as possible but still catch mobile stations for the hole I'm filling. "WIDE" and hops "1" creates too much pointless traffic.

      I know which digipeaters in my area beacon and/or digipeat on WIDE3-n so I will monitor the on-air traffic and see if I can capture what is occurring.
      Rob, VK6UFO, VK6RN
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