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13069Re: [tracker2] Dropping WIDE3-n (and above) from a WIDE2-2 digi

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  • James Ewen
    Oct 20, 2011
      On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 4:11 PM, Rob <vk6ufo@...> wrote:

      > As above, an alias of "WIDE" and hops set to "2". An incoming "WIDE3-3" for example
      > will go back out as a "WIDE3*" Similar with my current fill-in. I have an alias of "WIDE"
      > and hops set to "1". An incoming "WIDE2-2" gets digipeated as "WIDE2*"

      What firmware version are you running? I haven't seen that action.

      I'd like to play with it and see what's happening.

      > However you
      > statement above indicates that the OT2 units in your area are
      > successfully trapping WIDE3-N and WIDE4-N paths.
      > Not exactly. The "WIDE3*" or "WIDE4*" still goes to air.  Other digis will ignore
      > if there no more path but it all still uses bandwidth.

      Some feel that these paths over the hop limit should be given a single
      hop as a courtesy, rather than totally ignoring the packet. Ignoring
      the packet might make the operator look at the reason for lack of
      digipeating of their packets. I had to take down the main digipeater
      here in Edmonton for about a week as we shut down one site, and moved
      it to another site. Only one other user noticed the digipeater
      missing, and that's because the two of us are constantly monitoring
      the network and are actively working on expanding the network. Most
      user are simply fire and forget dumb trackers, and if they do look at
      the network it's via the web, and since there are 5 i-gates in the
      area, there's no indication of anything amiss. Of course if you
      listened and watched on RF, you would have seen noticed a dearth of
      packets on air.

      > It would probably make more sense to T2 users to have another checkbox
      > in the digipeater config which says something like "ignore this alias when n
      > is greater than hops" or something to that effect.

      No, we've been around that bush a few times. The firmware checks the
      SSID numeric value only, that's the N portion of the WIDEn-N hop
      request. With a HOP limit of 2, WIDE3-3 won't get acted upon, but
      WIDE3-2 and WIDE3-1 would because the SSID N value is less than the
      HOP limit.

      There might be a newer version of firmware available that has a change
      to the digipeater logic than what I am running though.

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