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13068Re: [tracker2] Dropping WIDE3-n (and above) from a WIDE2-2 digi

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  • Rob
    Oct 20, 2011
      On 21/10/11 00:54, James Ewen wrote:  

      On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 6:38 AM, notrobbage <vk6ufo@...> wrote:

      > We have a few local T2 digis set with alias "WIDE"
      > and hops "2". These digis still digipeat "WIDE3-n"
      > and "WIDE4-n" etc, but end their miserable lives
      > as "WIDE3*" and "WIDE4*"  etc, which is the normal
      > result by all accounts.

      Can you post the digipeater settings used to accomplish this? I
      haven't found a way to do that yet.

      As above, an alias of "WIDE" and hops set to "2". An incoming "WIDE3-3" for example will go back out as a "WIDE3*"
      Similar with my current fill-in. I have an alias of "WIDE" and hops set to "1". An incoming "WIDE2-2" gets digipeated as "WIDE2*"
      So they already do it by default.

      I want my fill-in to stop doing it, which is what I'm hoping an alias of "WIDE1" and hops "0" will do (which is different than "WIDE" and hops "0"). I found the information on the T2 group.

      I had been futzing with that to try and get the digipeater to only act

      upon WIDE2-2 and less, but have not been successful. However you
      statement above indicates that the OT2 units in your area are
      successfully trapping WIDE3-N and WIDE4-N paths.

      Not exactly. The "WIDE3*" or "WIDE4*" still goes to air.  Other digis will ignore if there no more path but it all still uses bandwidth.

      Either way I'll give the "WIDE1" with hops "0" a go shortly and see what happens.

      It would probably make more sense to T2 users to have another checkbox in the digipeater config which says something like "ignore this alias when n is greater than hops" or something to that effect.

      Rob, VK6UFO, VK6RN
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