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13064Dropping WIDE3-n (and above) from a WIDE2-2 digi

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  • notrobbage
    Oct 20, 2011
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      We have a few local T2 digis set with alias "WIDE" and hops "2". These digis still digipeat "WIDE3-n"  and "WIDE4-n" etc, but end their miserable lives as "WIDE3*" and "WIDE4*"  etc, which is the normal result by all accounts.

      I plan to have my own fill-in digi set as "WIDE1" and hops "0" so only "WIDE1-1" are digipeated and any other WIDEn are ignored completely. As far as I've been able to find out, that's how it should work . I wonder can the same with be done with a WIDE2-2 digi so WIDE >= 3 just stop dead?
      I was guessing two aliases

      "WIDE1" 0 hops
      "WIDE2" 1 hops

      Even if we don't use the idea, it would be handy to know.


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