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1274RE: [tracker2] XMODEM loader bug

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  • Scott Miller
    Dec 1, 2006
      Trying to maintain a cross-platform gui has been difficult.  I think it'd be best to start with a library to handle all of the encoding and decoding of the config (maybe to/from XML) and let users build on that.  My goal is to make everything configurable through the command console, so the lack of a gui in Linux won't be as big a deal as it is with the OpenTracker.

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      Interesting that you brought this up, as I was going to post something about this and detail some of my experiences with it. All of my configuration and firmware updates thus far have been doing the windows utility for this very reason. I tried using it under Wine as well as a Win XP virtual machine under linux and they both failed miserably.

      With that being said, have you given any thought as to a configuration GUI that is linux based? Is the source code for that available? I just wonder if it would be easy to port, I think linux users could definitely benefit from that. I am windows free in my house with the exception of my wife's laptop, without that I would not have been able to flash the chip.

      On 12/1/06, Scott Miller <scott@opentrac. org> wrote:

      Ok, I finally tracked down (more or less) the bug in the XMODEM loader that
      was causing firmware corruption. Turns out it wasn't properly erasing the
      first flash block. Still not sure why - I've been through the logic a dozen
      times and it looks fine. I added a workaround in the form of an extra erase
      call, but the extra 3 instructions it adds are going to bug me.

      So don't use the XMODEM load function for now until I get a new bootloader
      updater posted... I'll try to do that tomorrow.

      Time to get some sleep.


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