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12725Re: T2-135 communication problem

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  • w6dlf
    Jul 7, 2011
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      Problem solved...

      I had a bad serial cable. (Murphy's Law)
      I didn't wait long enough for the autobaud to write to the terminal emulator. With new cable and patience I got the sign on and cmd.
      I didn't follow the directions for correctly connecting otwincfg.

      It now works fine with the Nuvi. Don't know what that was about but just thankful I'm back "on track" Thanks for the help and suggestions.


      --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, "w6dlf" <daveflack@...> wrote:
      > Recently my Alinco/Nuvi 350 started to act sporadically. Sometimes the T2-135 would fail to track stations and would not accept commands from the Nuvi. Other times it would track but would not accept commands. This weekend it failed entirely. I can't access/control it from otwincfg. I opened it up and the T2 board's green and red LEDs flash when I put the Alinco in digital mode? Any ideas or help appreciated.
      > Dave
      > W6DLF
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