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12682Re: [tracker2] Re: PC to OT2 Serial Connection

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  • doc@kd4e.com
    Jul 3, 2011
      The DB-9 connector on the back of the Tracker2/OT2M is Male,
      the DB-9 connector on the back of the laptop is Male, so if
      one thinks of the two connected cables between them as a single
      continuous null modem cable it must be Female at both ends.

      Perhaps, before this will work, I need to reverse the cable
      for some reason?

      Or, perhaps I need to add the handshaking to the laptop end,
      and then it will work?

      Or, is gtkterm not the right Linux app to be using?

      It seems odd that after all these years there is not yet a
      Linux (or preferably platform independent) alternative to
      OTWINCFG (which is dependent upon a proprietary and problem-
      plagued MS version of windows).

      I read where someone was speculating about Python.

      Sure wish I had the coding skills but don't even remember
      what little I used to know and use daily as a sys. mgr!

      > M & M Neno wrote: Your cables are back to front, normally the serial
      > extension is M to F or to be PC, plug to socket,& null, in this case
      > 3 wire crossover socket to socket. You will probably need to take
      > port A out of kiss to get a connect. Not sure how to do that with
      > linux, easy with windoz tho. You could use OTWINCFG program to change
      > to AUTO, or AGWPE will take it out of kiss for you too, or send over
      > air cmd' message to change mode.
      > 73, Murray, ZL1ARL.
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      > To:<tracker2@yahoogroups.com> Sent: Sunday, July 03, 2011 6:19 AM
      > Subject: Re: [tracker2] Re: PC to OT2 Serial Connection
      >> I have assembled a female-to-female 2-2, 3-3, 5-5 DB9 straight thru
      >> cable and a male-to-female 2-3, 3-2, 5-5 DB9 null modem cable and
      >> have connected them between the serial port on my laptop to the
      >> "serial" port on my Tracker2/OT2M.
      >> I have gtkterm loaded in Linux.
      >> I set Configuration - Local Echo to ON.
      >> When Configuration - Port - Flow Control is set to None or to
      >> RTS/CTS the only response I receive when power is applied to the
      >> Tracker2/OT2M is a single character that looks like an ancient
      >> Greek "P" or something. (Also, none of the LEDs remain lighted on
      >> the OT2M box.)
      >> When Configuration - Port - Flow Control is set to Xon/Xoff I get
      >> an endless screen of junk characters. (The LED labeled "ACT" on
      >> the OT2M remains lighted.)
      >> Where should I look for the solution, please?
      >> Was I supposed to set jumpers in the OT2M or should it talk to
      >> gtkterm as-shipped?
      >> Thanks!


      Thanks! & 73, KD4E
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