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12578OT2m defect - poor RX sensitivity problem

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  • Teddy Banks
    Jun 1 6:57 AM
      I just received one, but I am just an appliance operator.

      On 5/31/2011 4:11 PM, Scott Miller wrote:

      I just discovered that our contract manufacturer made an error in
      assembling the latest batch of OT2m boards. They installed capacitors
      C1 and C2 incorrectly, and the result is that the boards require a high
      (> ~1.5Vp-p) audio level to function correctly. We got the first
      portion of the batch assembled and tested just hours prior to Dayton and
      didn't catch the problem then because the audio level on the test setup
      was too high - they were tested for noise handling but not for low audio

      If you bought an OT2m at Dayton or received one in the last week (only 2
      or 3 units made it out after Dayton before we discovered the problem),
      then it's probably affected by this problem.

      There are 3 options for dealing with the defect:

      1. Short solder jumper SJ2. The frequency response will be affected a
      bit, but in our testing it hasn't seemed to have any negative impact on
      the decode performance. This is the easiest fix and requires only a
      soldering iron.

      2. Install the capacitors correctly. C1 should be on the left and C2 on
      the right. They were installed with C1 on top (horizontal) and C2
      below. This will require a hot air pencil or a steady hand with a
      soldering iron.

      3. Send it back to us. You can contact me off-list for an RMA, and if
      you're in the US we can send a pre-paid mailing label.

      I'm going to try to track down as many Dayton purchases as I can, but we
      only have records for credit card purchases. If you know anyone who got
      an OT2m at Dayton this year, please let them know.

      The test fixture is now set to a very low audio level to check for this
      problem, and I'm going to make sure the CM gets their programming fixed
      right now. I don't know how they managed to get it wrong on this job
      and right on the last one, but they just moved to a new facility so I'm
      thinking they might have also switched to a different pick and place
      machine and re-entered the program manually.


      KC0WNY - Ted
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