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  • Robert Lane
    May 30 6:41 PM
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      I recently put a fill-in digi on the air using a Tracker2 and everything is working like it should except for one thing. When looking at the stats of the digi (KB8ZXE-1) on aprs.fi it isn't reporting stations that heard it.

      When I first put the digi on the air it was in Green Bay for testing. Everything was working fine with aprs.fi. When I moved the digi to it's current position in Michigan all I changed in the config was the coordinates and status text. Everything continued to work fine except for aprs.fi populating the information on stations that heard KB8ZXE-1. It's been nearly 2 months and it still is an issue. If you look at the raw packets they look good. I don't think that it is a config issue in the Tracker2 but I would like to get it fixed as I am curious what stations are hearing it. Has anyone seen this before?


      Bob KB8ZXE
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