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1236RE: [tracker2] audio oddity

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  • Scott Miller
    Nov 28, 2006
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      First, make sure you've got the deviation set properly.  Go for about 3.5 kHz on the high tone.  What's your TXLEVEL set to?  Whenever possible, tune first with the analog pot - there's no reduction in resolution that way.  At low TXLEVELs you get more quantization products.
      If it's really weird, send me a recording and I'll check it out.  There's been at least one report of a unit with the sine wave table corrupted in Flash, causing weird glitches in the signal.

      From: tracker2@yahoogroups.com [mailto:tracker2@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Roger Hammond
      Sent: Friday, November 24, 2006 5:23 AM
      To: OT2 group
      Subject: [tracker2] audio oddity

      I've got an OT2 that I'm planning to use on our next high altitude balloon flight. It's currently running connected to an HT. My UI-view/KPC3 setup has no problems decoding the audio, but it sounds 'funny' compared to the usual APRS signals. It's more like a hum than the usual squawk.
      Any ideas?
      Rog KCØMWM

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