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1233Firmware build 54030

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  • EM Sharp
    Nov 25 5:35 PM
      Should I be looking for a hardware problem?
      My OT2 while running on build 54030 gives a Temp of B9C when the Temp
      Offset is set to 16. With other settings the display is also not what
      I would expect.

      Should I be looking for a hardware problem or is there a problem with
      the firmware and/or configuration program?

      Is there a way (Command or otherwise) of setting the offset from
      Command Mode without going back to the Configuration program?

      I am still running with the release B values in the filter for the
      2211 decoder and the unit is not doing too well and is VERY sensitive
      to audio level. Are the values given in the 9/10/2006 Tracker2
      Revision the best current ones to be used? In other words, should I
      update the card with these components to improve decode?

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