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12310Re: [tracker2] OT2m or ??? Was: Scripting problem

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  • Bob Burns W9RXR
    Apr 4, 2011
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      At 05:56 PM 4/4/2011, Rudy Benner wrote:
      >The OT2m is a bargain, with many neat and nifty features.

      Rudy, I already own two T2-135's and two T2-301's. I'm well familiar
      with the "neat and nifty features" of the T2 series. My W9RXR-1 digi
      is currently running a T2-135, but I want to upgrade it to a
      commercial grade radio, hence my interest in an OT2m. I also maintain
      another high-profile digi that's currently using a Kantronics KPC-3+
      which we may upgrade.

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