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12284Re: [tracker2] Scripting problem

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  • Scott Miller
    Mar 30 7:00 PM
      That's how it's supposed to work. I seem to remember running into a
      problem with one firmware version where that didn't work right. I could
      send you the current development build off-list for testing if you don't
      mind being on the bleeding edge.


      On 3/30/2011 8:33 AM, James Ewen wrote:
      > Okay all you scripting gurus out there... I need some help.
      > Here's my scripting code.
      > If Profile 2
      > Do Once
      > If Counter 1 = 0
      > Exec "SEND EMAIL ve6srv@... <mailto:ve6srv%40gmail.com> Edmonton
      > low voltage event"
      > Set Counter 1 = 1
      > End Block
      > End Block
      > End Block
      > Macro ACK
      > Set Counter 1 = 0
      > Macro Write "Low Voltage Acknowledged"
      > End Block
      > I am trying to set up an alerting system that will send me an email
      > should I lose power at a digipeater site. I have the OT2 configured to
      > switch to profile 2 if the input voltage drops below 11 volts. It will
      > switch back to profile 1 if the input voltage climbs above 12 volts.
      > When the unit switches to profile 2, the above script will run, but
      > just one time, as I don't need a multitude of email messages sent
      > while the unit is in a low voltage state. I also check counter 1 to
      > see if it is set. If the counter is clear, I send the message, and
      > then set the counter. This is so that if the power is fluctuating
      > beyond the limits of my hysteresis settings, I again only get one
      > email even though the unit may be entering profile 2 multiple times.
      > All of this works as designed. My issue is with the macro. I would
      > like to be able to acknowledge the alarm condition, reset counter 1,
      > send a response back, and re-enable alarm reporting.
      > It is my understanding that I should be able to send a message to the
      > OT2 which has the content "CMD ACK", and the macro ACK should be
      > called and executed.
      > ****
      > Macro T / Macro Out
      > The following block is executed when the command named in T is entered
      > at the command line, through the FMI interface, or by APRS message.
      > The Macro Out (which actually creates a "Macro Write" line) responds
      > to the macro through the same channel
      > Macro FOO
      > Macro Write "Bar"
      > End Block
      > Typing "FOO" at the command line will generate the response "Bar".
      > Likewise, a remote command "CMD FOO" will receive the response "Bar"
      > by APRS message.
      > ****
      > My results do not reflect this process...
      > 2011-03-30 08:51:59 MDT: VE6SRV-8>EDMNTN: cmd ACK
      > 2011-03-30 08:51:59 MDT: EDMNTN>VE6SRV-8: Invalid Command
      > Any pointers?
      > James
      > VE6SRV
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