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11747Re: [tracker2] Re: OpenTracker USB released

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  • Scott Miller
    Jan 6, 2011
      > Scott
      > What was the design goal for this product as it is going off a little
      > different than your past devices?

      The OTUSB design was mostly an update to keep the OpenTracker line in
      production (at a reasonable cost) while raising the bar for entry-level
      trackers. The JL16 MCUs use an older fabrication process and the price
      keeps going up, and sooner or later Freescale will declare them
      end-of-life and I learned from the OT1 that once that happens, supplies
      can dry up overnight.

      The T2 is also in line for a similar update. I can get a faster MCU
      with more memory for less than half what I'm paying for the AP64.

      Once we get up to speed on OTUSB production and phase out the OT1+ I
      think we'll be able to get the price down to what the OT1+ is selling
      for now.

      So the product lineup will be OTUSB at the low end, where low cost and
      low power consumption are critical, T2 (or maybe it'll be T3, but I
      think that'd cause too much confusion with the TT3) for mid-range digi
      and mobile use, and the high-end DC1 where you need dual radio ports,
      9600 baud, and Ethernet.

      Within those lines there will be a few variants, too - like an
      OTUSB-derived balloon tracker payload and a couple of other
      special-purpose boards.

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