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11718Can't stop OTUSB from kissing - help!

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  • Thomas Krahn
    Jan 1, 2011
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      Happy New Year to all!

      I' working to set up my OTUSB with Xastir as a digi/igate. So far I did
      this with OT1 which worked seamlessly.

      My current setup is
      1.) Tested & working radio + cable and 12V power source (optional in
      case USB is disconnected)
      2.) OTUSB (updated to newest firmware)
      3.) USB cable connected via /dev/ttyACM0 115200 baud with Xastir Device
      0 (Serial KISS TNC)
      4.) Y splitter (A/B) for the serial ports
      5.) Port A has a null modem cable to /dev/ttyS0 on the same Linux box
      where I try to connect with GtkTerm
      6.) Port B is connected to a working NMEA GPS receiver (4800 baud, ADS-GM1)

      What works:
      1.) Without running any software on the Linux box the OTUSB transmits
      location packages defined by the GPS receiver to the 2m radio (see
      AE5VN-7 on the web)
      2.) When the tracker was still in console mode I was able to configure
      the OTUSB parameters with GtkTerm or wine/otwincfg
      3.) I could see the audio level in otwincfg changing according the audio
      output from my 2m radio.
      4.) Now I was able to bring the OTUSB into USB KISS mode
      5.) Xastir was able to connect to the OTUSB and transmitting of messages
      and static positions works.

      What does NOT work:
      1.) I don't have any incoming data showing up in Xastir. Even when I
      enable verbose logging (level 6) there is no data coming from the OTUSB.
      2.) before I switched on KISS mode, on the terminal I couldn't see any
      incoming data from the 2m radio (monitor enabled).
      3.) I've never seen the green LED lighting up on the OTUSB.
      4.) I'm not able to get any connection on serial port A. (Port A is
      configured as auto/4800 baud)
      5.) In order to investigate this problem further I want to get back in
      console mode, but the OTUSB never stops KISSing, even after reboot.
      6.) Using GtkTerm I was trying to send binary data (FF C0 FF C0) to the
      OTUSB via /dev/ttyACM0 . No reaction.

      Anyone any clues how to get back into console mode? Is there a way to
      use port B for this (if port A doesn't work)?

      Thanks for your help,

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