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11716Re: [tracker2] Remote area APRS link with OT2s

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  • hamer669@aol.com
    Jan 1 3:05 PM
      I've done similar things with remote PLCs. It will probably work, but you wont know until you buy it and install it. Those IP-RS232 converters are very sensitive to latency issues when ran bi-directional and they are not cheap. 

      What about running something like this:

      For $150-$200, you can have a mini-PC running linux at the remote location.  You can then run APRSd in linux, use Wake On Lan to cycle power when stuff breaks, have remote access capabilities.  Many of the boards support things like bluetooth and 802.11 so that you could have access to wireless networks as well.   This way, bandwidth/latency issues go away;  all of the RS232 stuff is handled at the farthest link, converted to IP by the gumstix, and you have the ancillary benefits mentioned before.  

      It will take some more time to setup, especially if you are not familiar with linux, but in the long run, I think you would be better off.

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      Thanks for taking an interest. What I'm looking to do is provide some
      coverage in an area I can't get an RF path to by using the existing
      microwave network as a link between the to ends (ot2s?). Minimal equipment is the goal. So the full path would be - normal VHF rf aprs from the remote Ham to an ot2 on a hill top then to an rs233 to IP converter, then via the microwave network (500km) to an IP to rs232 converter to the second ot2, then a 150km normal aprs RF hop to the igate in Tamworth.

      Sorry if I was a bit vague first time round, the keypad on the Android is a bit small for long emails with fat finger's !
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