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1151Re: [tracker2] TS2000 vs OT2

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  • Wes Johnston, AI4PX
    Nov 4, 2006
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      Also, I've watched my d700 talk to the TNC... just to collect GPRMC and GPGGA, it has to constantly set the buffer to either/or.  Once the data is collected and it has constructed a packet to send, it does it in two steps.  It first sets the UI path to the longitude and path, then as soon as the TNC accepts that command it puts it into converse mode and sends the data portion of the mic-e packet.  Then it's back to command mode and toggling between GPRMC and GPGGA.  Pretty clunky.  I suppose if the OT tnc would just gobble up any old command and not send an error message, the kenwood would believe that the command was accepted.  The OT TNC would simply ignore the things that kenwood sends it (except for messages and message ACKs), and pretty much decide on it's own what and when to send.  It's like you would have a MYCALL command on the kenwood menu, but the OT would ignore it.  Any packet received would simply be passed along to the kenwood to display.
      I tried once to make smartbeaconing work on the d700 by making a supervisory processor watch for the conditions to trigger a beacon and send the BCN 0<cr>BCN 1<cr> commands.  Problem was that if it wanted to beacon and you were entering a message on the mic keypad, it would bail out of your message when the BCN commands hit on the serial port.  'Twas just to aggrivating.

      On 11/4/06, Clay Jackson <clayj@...> wrote:

      Good points - turns out were kinda screwed on this anyway.  I got a look at a Service Manual (online) last nite; and, from what I could tell (I wasn't able to bring up the board pictorials, but did look at the schematic and the component lists) the TNC is actually a two chip set installed on the main logic board.   So, it would take a fair amount of hardware hacking to replace 'em anyway; and then, as you point out, the firmware would probably still be an issue.

      Oh, well - it was a thought...


      On Nov 1, 2006, at 9:56 PM, James Ewen wrote:

      On 11/2/06, Clay Jackson <clayj@...> wrote:
      The firmware will definitely need addressing; but, I'm guessing that it's pretty simple, because the 'Kenwood' commands look real similar to the 'Tasco' commands documented in the Alinco manual. 

      The commands look similar because they are the same units.

      My guess is that all they REALLY do is pass the inputs from the serial port on to the TASCO, and perhaps generate a few commands from the radio firmware to handle the front panel functions like setting baud rate and so on.

      That is where the problem lies. If you are going to replace the TNC in the Kenwood, it has to respond to the commands that are sent from the Kenwood user interface firmware. Unless , of course, you are going to ignore most of the radio, and only use the TNC and one transmitter and receiver.

      I would suggest that if you are looking to do the latter, it would be cheaper to buy an Alinco, especially if you are looking to do so with a TS-2000.



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