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11355Re: [tracker2] OT+ to Nuvi 350 Altitude Display

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  • Scott Miller
    Nov 1 1:37 PM
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      Hi Pete,

      I know I had it working on the units we used for a launch back in June -
      perhaps that didn't make it into the official release, I'll have to check.

      The T2 firmware is coming together again - it compiles cleanly and seems
      to be working fine, just needs about a dozen minor updates and a bunch
      of regression testing before the next release.


      On 11/1/2010 12:26 PM, Pete Lilja wrote:
      > I've asked before but still can't seem to figure out how to get the
      > altitude information from my high altitude balloon flights to display on
      > my Nuvi 350 / T2-135 mobile. I'm running an OT+ in the balloon and can
      > get the Temp. and Voltage to display on the Nuvi 350 but nothing else.
      > That just strikes me as odd as I've seen it on other stations (perhaps
      > running Mic-E?) but not on my Nuvi. I know the data is the as it shows
      > up on aprs.fi <http://aprs.fi> and also on my Kenwood D7 HT.
      > This isn't a huge issue as I can see the balloon's altitude on my D7 -
      > it'd just be nice to see it on the Nuvi 350 as well.
      > Does anyone have any ideas on how I can configure the OT+ or the T2-135
      > / Nuvi to display my balloon's altitude?
      > Pete
      > KC0GPB
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