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11354OT+ to Nuvi 350 Altitude Display

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  • Pete Lilja
    Nov 1, 2010
      I've asked before but still can't seem to figure out how to get the altitude information from my high altitude balloon flights to display on my Nuvi 350 / T2-135 mobile.  I'm running an OT+ in the balloon and can get the Temp. and Voltage to display on the Nuvi 350 but nothing else.  That just strikes me as odd as I've seen it on other stations (perhaps running Mic-E?) but not on my Nuvi.  I know the data is the as it shows up on aprs.fi and also on my Kenwood D7 HT.

      This isn't a huge issue as I can see the balloon's altitude on my D7 - it'd just be nice to see it on the Nuvi 350 as well.

      Does anyone have any ideas on how I can configure the OT+ or the T2-135 / Nuvi to display my balloon's altitude?

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