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11347Fill-in configuration digipeat WIDE1

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  • la5ppa
    Oct 31, 2010
      Hope you understand what I'm trying to describe here :-)

      We have a situation with an OT2m that is digipeating when receiving

      The config is like this:
      cmd:ALIAS 1 WIDE1
      ALIAS 1:WIDE1
      cmd:HOPLIMIT 1 0
      HOPLIMIT 1:0
      cmd:USEALIAS 1 ON
      cmd:DIGI ON
      DIGI ON
      cmd:DIGIID 1 ON
      DIGIID 1:ON

      In this config it works fine as a Fill-In (WIDE1-1) but we have also
      seen that it digipeats when it receive a package like this:

      OZ2DHL-7>UW0QP8,OZ9DIH-2*,WIDE1,WIDE3-3,qAR,LA9K:`<0x7f>WVl!,v/]"3s}PEJLE\VOGEN QRV

      I know that the OZ station OZ2DHL-7 send WIDE1-1,WIDE3-3 but as you can see the digipeater OZ9DIH-2 send out OZ9DIH-2*,WIDE1,WIDE3-3

      When a OT2m configured as a Fill-In see this package it take and forward like this:

      OZ2DHL-7>UW0QQ6,OZ9DIH-2*,LD3TB*,LD3NF*,WIDE3-2:`<0x7f>WVl!,v/]"3s}PEJLE\VOGEN QRV

      LD3TB is a Fill-In digi running on a OT2m

      I have also been able to reproduce this with my own OT2m (LA5PPA-3) and
      a VX-8 (LA5PPA-7)
      Is there a workaround or some other settings that can prevent it from
      digipeat on WIDE1

      I know the OZ digi do something wrong but.. you know

      Lasse / LA5PPA
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