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1114RE: [tracker2] Progress

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  • scott@opentrac.org
    Oct 16, 2006
      Yeah, that was my first thought... I was hoping I could do it in fewer parts.  I've tested it with a JFET and haven't managed to destroy it yet, but I'm not sure if it's sensitive enough.  I need to solder together a test apparatus - my breadboard is too sensitive to motion even without the sensor plugged in.

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      zeiner diode clamp?

      On 10/15/06, scott@opentrac. org <scott@opentrac. org> wrote:

      I've got Peet Bros weather station support working on both serial ports -
      needs a little more work to keep from getting confused if it's getting both
      NMEA and Wx. Anyone got an Ultimeter 2000 series to hook up for testing?

      I'm trying to come up with a low part count, adjustable sensitivity logic
      level interface for the piezo motion sensor. Not really sure what the best
      approach to this is, since it needs to detect millivolt level signals, but
      if you thump the sensor it can generate tens of volts and blast a FET gate.


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