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11109Re: tk-705

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  • Alan
    Sep 5, 2010
      Glad you found it. You could cut out the hook pin 6, and route speaker
      audio out to RG-6.

      Or use the 1/8 audio plug on the back of the radio to route audio to
      your dB9 cable.

      mic ----------- dB-9
      pin 1-----------pin 7 - switched B+ 12volt .5 amp
      pin 3-----------pin 3 - PTT
      pin 4-----------pin 6 - ground
      pin 5-----------pin 1 - mic hi
      1/8 speaker--pin 5 - speaker audio

      The switched B+ is fused on pin 1 and can power the OT2, and a probably
      a low draw GPS without popping the fuse.
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