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11076Re: [tracker2] Re: tracker is installed

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  • James Ewen
    Aug 31, 2010
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      On Tue, Aug 31, 2010 at 7:00 PM, Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr)
      <ldeffenb@...> wrote:

      > Don't let James put you off.  He means well!  ;

      Hey, what if I meant ill?

      JD, have you heard the one about the guy that bought a chainsaw? He
      was promised that it would cut a whole heap of wood in a day. After
      two days and very little progress he takes it back to the dealer to
      complain. The dealer starts the saw up to make sure it works, to which
      owner then yells, "Hey, what's that noise?"

      These forums are all about asking questions, and getting answers, but
      they also have archives. The question you asked gets asked pretty
      close to once a week. It generally goes "I set up my tracker and
      everything is perfect, so why am I not showing up on aprs.fi". Quite
      often these queries are sent without any callsign or identifying
      information available. You at least gave us a hint because your
      username and email address both contain your callsign. (Which Lynn's
      tired old eyes missed! HA! Now I've caught both you and Keith on that

      The user manual tells you that your deviation should be set at about
      3.5 kHz, but that is buried in the TXLEVEL command description. Hey,
      maybe we should be harrassing Scott to include a section in the user
      manual labelled 'I've got everything working perfectly, why do I not
      show up on aprs.fi".

      What about it Scott? Can we get you to include a rudimentary section
      in the PDF file about setting deviation? There are a few of us who
      have written the section out a number of times already. Deviation is
      the number one problem... everyone seems to think louder is better.

      We could probably write up a section for the PDF which starts out with
      setting the deviation, and then about checking the rest of the setup,
      including power, antenna, SWR, etc. Then go into proper path settings,
      what to expect when you're expecting a digipeat, etc.

      If we did that, then we could all simply say "RTFM, page 35!" At the
      end of the section, we could have a list of questions that says "Post
      the answers to these questions when asking for help on the
      reflector.", and when someone doesn't include the answers to the
      questions, they get the "RTFM, page 35!" answer.

      We'd know then that the person asking the question at least read end
      of the section, and we'd have some rudimentary information about who
      they are, what their callsign is, where they are, and whether they
      have done more than plugged the unit in and looked at the website.

      I think between a few of us, we could come up with a fairly decent
      copy. We'd even let you edit it if you felt so desired.

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