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  • kd8htg
    Aug 31 4:53 PM
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      hello everyone who replied. im sorry for for my lack of details i was pressed for time when i sent the first message. the radio in the car is a yaesu ft2800m. im using a cable from byonics. I have seen a couple of staions that get tracked all over the pt huron area using the n8ray digi. I will start out by checking my deviation as someone had suggested and go from there. i dont use an ssid i just my call KD8HTG. also the antenna is brand new however it wounds like it would be a good idea to throw a meter on it just in case. Im sorry if i upset anyone with my question and lack of details. im new what can i say. i guess i just jumped right in without getting all my information on the setup and operation as good as i should have. reading only takes me so far actually doing helps much more for me. anyhow i will read up on setting the deviation correctly and go from there.
      thank you to all

      --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, James Ewen <ve6srv@...> wrote:
      > On Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 7:49 PM, kd8htg <kd8htg@...> wrote:
      > > All seems to work correct
      > Please describe the items that you have checked to confirm that all is
      > working properly. If all is working correct, then you should have no
      > problems.
      > > however it seems when i get home to check my path on the aprs fi
      > > site it only shows me with a very short track not more than a couple miles?
      > We can not answer that question, as none of us watched you check your path.
      > > im using smart beaconing could this be why my tracks are so short?
      > No. SmartBeaconing does not include an algorithm that would shorten
      > the distance that you drive.
      > > i travel for work to an area with lots of digis and dont seem to
      > > show any track on the aprs fi website?
      > We don't know where you work, so can't comment on whether the
      > digipeaters in that area show up on the APRS-IS either.
      > > any thought as to what i might change to get a longer track
      > > or am i doing something totally wrong?
      > I hope you're catching my drift here... please help us help you by
      > actually giving some real information. Details man, details!
      > The first thing that anyone will tell you to do is to check to ensure
      > that your station is operating properly. If you have read any of the
      > many requests similar to yours, you'll know that the first thing you
      > need to check is you deviation. Have you done that? 9 times out of 10,
      > those stating that everything is perfect with their setup end up
      > correcting a poor deviation setting. If your deviation is wrong, you
      > can spend a lifetime fiddling with other things and never fixing your
      > station.
      > There are of course hundreds of other factors that could play into
      > your problems.
      > Your station KD8HTG had only been heard by three digipeaters, and only
      > at close range, which would probably support the incorrect deviation
      > idea. It could also indicate that you have a bad antenna, or blown PA
      > stage in the radio, but you have indicated that "all seems to work
      > correct".
      > There are other issues in your area. N8RAY which is indicating it is
      > an i-gate is using a path of WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 which is ridiculous for a
      > digipeater. It is probably delaying packets, as he is running UI-View,
      > and not always getting into the internet first, but being digipeated
      > and then fed into the internet.
      > If there's a lot of activity in your area, we don't see it on aprs.fi,
      > at least not for 20 or 30 kms around.
      > I'd start with the usual, and actually check your station to ensure
      > that it is working properly.
      > http://www.febo.com/packet/layer-one/index.html
      > James
      > VE6SRV
      > PS. I wonder if we could implement an automatic filter that searches
      > for "my station works perfect, but" and then automatically reply with
      > the link above.
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