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11070Re: [tracker2] tracker is installed

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  • James Ewen
    Aug 31, 2010
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      On Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 7:49 PM, kd8htg <kd8htg@...> wrote:

      > All seems to work correct

      Please describe the items that you have checked to confirm that all is
      working properly. If all is working correct, then you should have no

      > however it seems when i get home to check my path on the aprs fi
      > site it only shows me with a very short track not more than a couple miles?

      We can not answer that question, as none of us watched you check your path.

      > im using smart beaconing could this be why my tracks are so short?

      No. SmartBeaconing does not include an algorithm that would shorten
      the distance that you drive.

      > i travel for work to an area with lots of digis and dont seem to
      > show any track on the aprs fi website?

      We don't know where you work, so can't comment on whether the
      digipeaters in that area show up on the APRS-IS either.

      > any thought as to what i might change to get a longer track
      > or am i doing something totally wrong?

      I hope you're catching my drift here... please help us help you by
      actually giving some real information. Details man, details!

      The first thing that anyone will tell you to do is to check to ensure
      that your station is operating properly. If you have read any of the
      many requests similar to yours, you'll know that the first thing you
      need to check is you deviation. Have you done that? 9 times out of 10,
      those stating that everything is perfect with their setup end up
      correcting a poor deviation setting. If your deviation is wrong, you
      can spend a lifetime fiddling with other things and never fixing your

      There are of course hundreds of other factors that could play into
      your problems.

      Your station KD8HTG had only been heard by three digipeaters, and only
      at close range, which would probably support the incorrect deviation
      idea. It could also indicate that you have a bad antenna, or blown PA
      stage in the radio, but you have indicated that "all seems to work

      There are other issues in your area. N8RAY which is indicating it is
      an i-gate is using a path of WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 which is ridiculous for a
      digipeater. It is probably delaying packets, as he is running UI-View,
      and not always getting into the internet first, but being digipeated
      and then fed into the internet.

      If there's a lot of activity in your area, we don't see it on aprs.fi,
      at least not for 20 or 30 kms around.

      I'd start with the usual, and actually check your station to ensure
      that it is working properly.



      PS. I wonder if we could implement an automatic filter that searches
      for "my station works perfect, but" and then automatically reply with
      the link above.
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